Natural Healing Therapies – Aisling Murphy Wall

Aisling Murphy Wall

My name is aisling murphy wall.

I am a reflexologist, massage therapist, wife and mom of two.

I have been in practice for 25 years.

My focus ,work and passion is to facilitate, encourage and guide you to be the best you.

When we become out of balance we feel out of sorts, stressed  and can not cope with life. Our resilience maybe low. Reflexology corrects this imbalance and is therefore very much a preventive tool to keep you both happy and healthy.


Update: New scientific methods are helping us understand how we become stressed and what happens to our bodies when stress leads to chronic pain, sleep disorders, heart and digestive problems, emotional and mental problems etc.

As a therapist I never stop learning and for the past year I have been studying the brain (medical neuroscience)  with Duke University as I wanted to understand how to help clients with chronic pain amongst many other ailments.

To be able to map the new brain information into my reflexology practice I certified this month in Cranio Sacral Reflexology with Dr. Martine Faure Alderson who has developed ground breaking methods that are receiving very good results from her students around the world so far.

I will be updating news and feed back on different conditions and ailments from my fellow peers and my own practice.

looking forward to working with you,

aisling (september 2017)