Facial Reflexology

Hello, dia dhuit, namaste,

New news

I would like to tell you a bit about a course I trained in in 2015, and now offer in my clinic either as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into my stress relief protocol – “the amw treatment”

The training was in Facial Reflexology and Advanced Face Lift Massage with Ziggie Bergman a renowned facialist and reflexologist from the London School of Reflexology.


“its not unusual for clients to report, even after an hours treatment, that friends think they have been on holiday”.Ziggie.

Your Face and what to expect

The rhythm and movements used in facial reflexology & the advanced facial lift massage are meditative, deeply relaxing and  peaceful. A gentle and kind approach are an intricate part of the therapy aiding in

  • the  collagen and elastin to be naturally stimulated, smoothing and lifting the face, leaving a glowing complexion even after just one treatment.
  • achieving  all the health benefits of foot Reflexology as the reflexes that are worked helps to balance the corresponding body parts allowing for balanced emotions, a relaxed  body and your highest and best mental well being.
  • lifts the soul & lightens your spirit.


The Blueprint of Being

We are all born with a blueprint for our highest self  and to do our best to express this True Self.

It is an expression of pure love, peace, joy, serenity, purpose in life, health, truth.
The ultimate aim of all treatments is to strengthen the connection with your own unique and amazing blueprint and allow it to lead you in your life. As we reduce anxiety, stress and fear and choose peaceful thoughts and actions allowing our bodies minds and hearts to listen to, follow and experience (feel & know)  our own truth then there is no need for comparison or doubt only full commitment and attention to living our amazing lives.
Expressing your true self is the most precious gift to share on the planet- a priceless jewel. You being You.


“Facial reflexology and facials help remove the masks we wear.”


Clients views & reflections:

 “you have no idea what stillness and beauty you bring into the life of every one who meets you, thank you.” Geraldine 

” I have been attending Aisling for a number of years now for massage and  reflexology. While the therapy is undoubtedly good for my body, the way Aisling delivers it means that I have found it also heals my spirit. I am left relaxed and re-invigorated at the same time. I treasure my time with her’. Teresa

“The nature of my work as a developer is stress filled and mind based, often to the point that both waking and sleeping hours are filled with mental activity. The first few facial reflexology treatments I received helped calm the mind and switch it off during the therapy allowing for a deep relaxation and even in one session a deep sleep immediately afterwards.

The most interesting session however was the most recent.  I’m facing into the final weeks of a large project and carry a lot of the responsibility for the project’s success. In this session my mind didn’t so easily switch off, thoughts of the tasks I would face on my return to work where constant.

 Interestingly my body began to relax very quickly but the mind was still very active.  At various points during the session my mind did go blank, briefly, and each time this happened a solution to a problem, a plan for organising tasks or a strategy for efficiently approaching them would formulate.

This then allowed the session to end with some time thought free. I left the session with a relaxed body and a clear mind.  I was energised and looking forward to the work ahead.

Michael – software developer